Effects Of Cars In Our Society

Since the twentieth century, cars have been used as a mode of transport. Throughout the world, cars have become an accepted symbol in the transport industry. Being the most popular means to get by, their effect has been felt in the world. The effects of cars in the third world countries has not been as great as in the more developed countries but even so, their effects have not gone unnoticed. The invention of the car has had sweeping effects, both good and bad, on the society where there have been changes in employment patterns, distribution of materials and also social infrastructure.

Noticing the great advantages that cars have brought us is very easy to do. As earlier stated, the car industry has created a myriad of job opportunities. Jobs created through the car manufacturing industry have mainly gone to benefit our unemployed youth. If the car manufacturing industry faltered, there would be a ripple effect created where several people would be left unemployed. When buying a car, one needs to have ensured the proper insurance for it, then fill the necessary paperwork and maybe even hire a chauffeur to drive them from place to place. Refueling at a gas station is another stop that the owner of the car will have to make. A mechanic handles the car when it needs to be serviced and the car wash cleans it when it gets dusty. All these people are able to make a living from car manufacturing thus enabling the growth of the economy.

An overshadowed effect of increased availability of cars to the population is that it has led to increased laziness in people. Waking has become a taboo. Taxi applications have tripled in number over the last two years since people prefer paying for taxis rather than be found walking the sidewalks. The citizens of many developed countries have become auto-reliant in that they just have to drive everywhere and this has made many of them result to buying their own cars. Such countries usually have increased carbon emissions into the environment due to the use of cars powered by fuel. An increase in these kinds of emissions has led to catastrophes due to global warming and rise in the sea level.

We still need to keep in mind the effects cars have had in our lives, both the good and bad. We would not stand a chance if at all mother nature decided to fight back with us. Achieving a balance between technology and nature will ensure our survival in the long run.

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