Interesting Mixed Media Artwork Forms Worth Noting

Art is evolving through the years as different creative minds and artists have emerged from various parts of the world. There are different kinds of art forms that you can find around you. One popular art form that has started taking the world by storm during the early twentieth century is mixed media art. Even art history scholars noted that cubist collage first came around the year 1911 from painters Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso. Picasso debuted his art piece called Still Life with Chair Caning in 1912 as the first toe employ mixed media art. His daring work utilized oil cloth, oil, and paste paper on canvas to bring about the look of chair caning. In the years that followed, many artists have slowly broken away from the traditional forms of painting. It should no longer be surprising why you can find several art pieces from artists that use different perspectives and sides of various objects in three-dimension. All these techniques are generally referred to as mixed media art as a combination of an array of art forms to create a single piece of artwork.

In present times, you can find several mixed media artwork pieces around you. There is even a variety of mixed media artwork forms that you can find anywhere you go. Some of these forms are highly sought after than others, and this article will give you an overview of some of them.

An example of mixed media artwork is collage art. It is an art that is a process of cutting and pasting photos, ribbons, buttons, paper, and other objects to bring about a piece of art. The creation of a collage can happen on paper, wood, or canvas. Combining some drawing and painting techniques is also something that many collage artists do so that they can come up with more unique mixed media artworks. For some aspiring and professional artists, they usually make a collage so that they can sell their completed design as a piece of art. Many artists begin with either a piece of wood or a blank, white canvas. An artist can choose any material they prefer as long as it satisfies the final result that they want for their piece when they see it on a wall. Even if several resources of creativity were used by the artist, the final mixed media artwork design often has a well put-together theme. A lot of mixed media collage pieces have some modern or abstract feel in them, incorporating different shapes, words, and photos in just one design.

Another popular form of mixed media artwork is installation art. This particular art makes use of the surroundings and even the participation from the viewers. The aim of this mixed media art form is to change how the viewer experiences a certain environment like a public space or room. Installation art is composed of various media that consist adding sculpture or painting to sound recordings or video presentations. This art form is much larger than the typical sculpture or collage, though.

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